Where We Are

We operate Internet Exchanges, as an independent 3rd party,  in 13 metros at data centers operated by PhoenixNAP, QTSEdgeConneX, Iron Mountain, CyrusOne, AlohaNAP, H5  Cyxtera and Flexential 

What We Do

  • Provide a peering fabricwithin each metro
  • Route Servers for quick mult ilateral peerings with likeminded participants
  • AS 112 Services
  • Root Servers
  • Portal with Statistics
  • Fabric Monitoring
  • Private vlans (Closed user groups)

How To Connect

  • Determine the speed and site you wish to connect at. 1, 10,25, 40 and 100g options exist.  Not all sites support all speeds.
  • Order a connection on our signup form and we will issue you a LOA. 
  • if you are using a reseller, order via their portal


  • A one time charge applies to every connection.
  • There is an annual fee based on port size and the market, 
  • Riser fees or data center cross connect fees may apply. These are typically billed by the data center operator

Who Can Connect

Order a Connection

Any party‚Äč may request a connection as long as they originate at least a /24 ipv4 address and / or a /56 IPv6 block via BGP4, The addresses must either be registrar issued or swipped. A registrar assigned AS Number must be used.  In order to utilize the Route Servers, IRR records must match.RPKI signing is preferred but not mandatory. A BGP connection to our looking glass is required. Many networks require an entry in PeeringDB in order to peer.  A fiber based cross connect must be ordered from your colocation or connectivity provider.  Connection to the internet exchange is not a guarantee that any peering or traffic will be accepted by other participants. Peering is not transit. If you need transit many of our participants are willing to sell it to you.