Local Content Caches

We operate Local Caches within some of our Internet Exchanges. 

Currently Microsoft Content is offered 

What We Do

  • Connent Peering with Microsoft products,

How To Connect

  • Establish a BGP session with AS12233 sending the prefixes that are local
  • Establisth a BGP session with AS53698 with your network's and clients' prefixes 


  • There is no additional cost at this time.

Who Can Connect

Any participant connected to our IX Fabric can request a FREE BGP session with our Content Router in a Local Market.  1og PNI is also available but discouraged.
- Only send "local" routes for your network and your customer's network to AS12233
- You must also have a connection with the IX transit Router on AS53698
- Some sites will not have a dedicated "Content" prefix.
- Communities may be used to select desired content. (future)

An unique policy applies to prefixes send to the Local Content Router:
- Only routes that are RPKI Verfied or RPKI Unknown are accepted,
- Routes with more than 10 hops may be discarded.
- IPv4 routes are accepted thru a /27 (64 ip block) with only one entry in the AS PATH   This may not be accepted by the acutual downstream caches.
IPv6 is not supported by Microsoft, but AS12233 is dual stacked.