Phoenix Market

In Phoenix we operate 7 switch locations.  We provide an Letter of Authority for you to order a crossconnect. Crossconnect pricing is dependant of the Data Center Operator.  All sites support 1g,10g,40g and 100g ports. Some sites support 25g.

Most ports can be activated within 1 business day of 
cross connect placement  

Active Participant List Order a Connection

Participation Cost

Speed Install Annual 
1g $250 $600
10g $500 $2,400
25g $500 $4,000
40g $500 $7,200
100g $1000 $15,000

Additional ports in a LAG configuration receive a 10% discount on the additional port.

Directly or Campus Served

120 East VanBuren

Essentially Phoenix's First Data Center - you can connect here via an extension off of our colocated switch within the QTS Suite. There is an additional one time riser fee for this site.


Connections are available to all building on the campus


Our first large switch platform was deployed here. Plenty of connections abound

Iron Mountain Phoenix-2

Connect via IMDC AZP1

Iron Mountain Scottsdale

Deploying shortly!  Gear is in and awating fiber.


Our very first site. Easy fast and no monthly cross connect charges. One set of Route Servers and Root Servers ar located here.

QTS Phoenix-Van Buren

Our second site and home of our 2nd pair of Route Servers and Root Servers.

Via Remote Peering 

You can connect via one of many conneciton providers. 

In The Works

Phoenix is experiencing explosive growth.  Here is where were are growing too!

QTS Phoenix 

Currenly under construction this new 85 acre site will house a new Phoenxi-IX node.

H5 Chandler

Coming spring 2022


Connection Via Layer2 Provider

At these data centers you can connect via a layer 2 provider back to one of our Core Pops

Aligned PHX01

Digital Realty Chandler


Cyxtera PHX2


 Sungard AS

 DataBank PHX3